# Affiliate Network Postback

Postback is useful when you want to receive information about conversions and payouts from affiliate networks.

Getting postback (video)

If you need Postback URL that is not related with affiliate network, read Postback page.

# Setting up postback in affiliate network

  1. Go to your affiliate network and find a place where you can put your postback URL.
  2. In the tracker, open affiliate network settings:

Copy the postback URL and use it on the affiliate network.

# Passing subid through landing page

Read pages:

# Doesn't work?

Check the log:

  • Open "Maintenance" > "Logs".
  • Press on "Received postbacks"

Check affiliate network is selected in the offers:

Check if offer passes subid parameter:

If no, check if the affiliate network created from a template:

Check if Postback URL is set on the affiliate network website. Example:

# Postback FAQ

See Postback FAQ page.