# Brandbook Keitaro

# Corporate identity

This was the era of Google and its simple engineering. At the time, the Google logo was just the first letter of the name. Keitaro followed the same path: we just took the first letter and made a logo out of it.

# Name

# History of the name «Keitaro»

The product itself appeared before the name was coined. Various options were considered, but we wanted something original. The popularity of anime played a role and Keitaro was one of the characters in this culture. We liked the sound of this name, and afterward, we didn't find any other company with that name, so we decided to use it as a basis to name the product.

# Logo font: Fira Sans Bold.

# History of the font

By going through different fonts with the name “Keitaro” in Photoshop, the eye fell on Fire Sans for its simplicity. We decided to stick with this font.

# Logo color: 76b46c.

# History of the color

We associate green with calmness and growth, which is reflected in the values of our company. Initially, the color was brighter. But later they decided to make it less saturated. On June 14, 2018, the color of Keitaro's logo was changed and has remained that way ever since.

# Merchandise

Download AI file: AI_tshirt

# Slogan

EN - Tracking, the clever way
RU - Больше, чем просто трекер.

# The mission

Keitaro should become the standard and the most massive tracker in the internet and affiliate marketing.

  • Corporate identity
  • Merchandise
  • Slogan
  • The mission