# Internals

# Stream $steam

Method Type Description
getName() string
getActionType() string Stream action or redirect type
getActionPayload() string Stream URL or text
getActionOptions() string Stream action settings
getComments() string
getCampaignId() int
getPosition() int Stream position
getWeight() int Stream weight

# RawClick $rawClick

Method Type Description
getStreamId() int
getCampaignId() int
getLandingId() int
getOfferId() int
getCreativeId() string Value of parameter 'creative_id'
getExternalId() string Value of parameter 'extrnal_id'
getAdCampaignId() string Value of parameter 'ad_campaign_id'
getUserAgent() string
getIpString() string IP in format 'x.x.x.x'
getIp() int IP as number
getCountry() string Country code
getRegion() string Region or state code
getCity() string City
getLanguage() string Language
getBrowser() string Browser
getBrowserVersion() string Browser version
getOs() string Operation System
getOsVersion() string OS version
getSe() string Value of parameter 'se'
getOperator() string Mobile operator
getConnectionType() string Connection type
getIsp() string ISP (if Maxmind ISP is installed)
getKeyword() string
getSource() string Value of parameter 'source'
getReferrer() string Referrer
getDeviceType() string Device type
getDeviceModel string Device model
isUsingProxy() boolean Is proxy detected
isBot() boolean Is bot detected
isUniqueStream() boolean Is unique for stream
isUniqueCampaign() boolean Is unique for campaign
getSubId() string SubId
getSubIdN(1..15) string Value of parameter 'sub_id_N'
getCost() string Click cost
getExtraParam(N) string Value of parameter 'extra_param_N'

# How to get query param from the request?


  • Stream $steam
  • RawClick $rawClick
  • How to get query param from the request?