# Upgrade server configuration

Upgrade server configuration to get security updates, performance improvements, and updates for Keitaro.

# How to upgrade


  • The upgrade process overrides all the configuration. If you make any changes manually, the upgrade would revert them.
  • The upgrade process shutdowns Keitaro for 1 to 60 seconds. In that period, the system log might show some strange errors.
  1. Open the Terminal.
  2. Run the following command:
curl https://keitaro.io/install.sh > run; bash run -rt upgrade

When the upgrade finishes, you must see message:

Everything is OK!

# Upgrade from CentOS 8 to CentOS 8 Stream?

Official CentOS 8 support by RedHat will cease any further supported by the end of 2021. In such case, you will need to upgrade Centos 8 to Centos Stream, so your OS could receive any further updates for your server. Let's describe and perform such OS upgrade.

Make backup

Before starting, please make backup or snapshot of the server.

Check current OS version:

cat /etc/os-release

Command output tells about what OS version installed on the server.

dnf update

Now we will install official package release

dnf install centos-release-stream

After successfully updating all packages, reboot of the server is required.

Attention! For a time while server is rebooting, tracker & links of campaigns will be unavailable. Server reboot will take approximately from 5 to 10 minutes. If server is not back online, contact cloud provider support team or restore server from the backup.

sudo shutdown -r now

Now we need to install & swap OS releases, by executing following commands:

sudo dnf install centos-release-stream
sudo dnf swap centos-{linux,stream}-repos 

Finally, we are syncing OS distributive:

dnf distro-sync

After sync will be completed, your OS now should be Centos Stream. You can check it, with following commands:

hostnamectl status


cat /etc/os-release

In both cases, OS of your system will be updated to Centos Stream and should be determined as such.