# Upgrade server version

Upgrade server configuration to get security updates, performance improvements, and stable updates for Keitaro.

  1. Server version (configuration) is a set and state of services, programs, and utilities installed on the server for Keitaro.

  2. Updating the server version is necessary for the correct operation of the tracker and the correct interaction between the tracker, and the server functions.

  3. Update the server version every time you see a notification that an update is available.

  4. Not applying a server configuration update is not critical in the particular moment. If you don't update the configuration when the notification is available — it doesn't affect traffic, functions, and functionality of the tracker. But in some cases, the outdated version of the server does not allow to perform new functions of the tracker, and correctly perform the current ones.

# How to upgrade


  • The upgrade process overrides all the configuration. If you make any changes manually, the upgrade would revert it.
  • The server upgrade updates Keitaro to the latest current stable version.
  • We recommend performing the upgrade during support working hours. If errors occur during the upgrade, because of a custom environment on the server or other reasons, the tracker, the traffic, and statistics may be unavailable until the cause of the error is identified and eliminated.

The actual method:

  1. Log in to the tracker as Administrator. Choose Maintenance — Status.

  2. Press Server version - Upgrade.

  1. Choose the build version. Stable or beta. Press Upgrade now button.

  1. Wait until the tracker will show Upgrade done message instead of Upgrading.

# No upgrade button available

  1. Open the Terminal.
  2. Run the following command:
curl keitaro.io/kctl.sh | bash -s -- upgrade

When the upgrade finishes, you must see the message:

Keitaro is upgraded!

Contact support if you need help.