# Referral program


We're working on creating a new referral program. Registration of new partners in temporary on hold.

# Terms

  • Referrals can be invited with a referral link.
  • Referral cookie is fixed for 24 hours.
  • Payouts are 10% from your referrals payments.
  • Minimal payout sum is $20.
  • Program participants can use any sites and platforms for posts, advertising reviews which are compatible with the current referral program.
  • Redirects, hidden frames, cookie interception methods, cookie stuffing or cookie dropping and other ways of cookie fixation or cookie fraud are not allowed.
  • Accounts registration for personal use via your own referral program is not allowed. - Context advertising with "Keitaro tracker", "Keitaro TDS" or "Keitaro" words or their derivatives in any languages is not allowed.
  • Keitaro name and its derivatives are not allowed to use when promoting your resources in search engines.
  • Misleading referrals about a percent of a discount is not allowed unless you can provide such a discount. The amount of a discount must be defined.
  • Posting referral links on sites and platforms which violate government rules, or which are online casinos or file-sharing sites which offer payouts for URL clicks or advertise watching is not allowed.
  • Definitions which mislead users or which can have misinterpreted are not allowed.
  • SPAM messages into personal messages, emails distribution, spam in social media groups are not allowed.
  • Groups in social media, plugins, and extensions, domains with Keitaro name and its derivatives and with Keitaro logo from tracker name are not allowed.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the cooperation and refuse the payouts without explanation in case we find out forbidden methods have been used, including misleading and false wording and promises which can be misinterpreted by users.

# Signing up for a referral program

To participate in a referral program you need to register on a site or log in via the existing account and submit your Email.

You can get your referral link in your account.

# Payout procedure

Referral payouts can be wired to PayPal and WebMoney. Payouts are wired upon preliminary partner's request in your account.