# Server configuration upgrades

Server configuration upgrades can only be performed on the trackers installed by our automatic installer script. You can check if this is the case for you in the Maintenance - Status - Installation method menu. The status should be Approved.

# What's the auto-installer script?

It's a bash script that will install the tracker and the necessary environment to your server.

What it does:

  • updates all yum-packages;
  • sets all ansible-roles;
  • installs MariaDB, NGINX, PHP, Certbot, Redis, Postfix, and other services;
  • checks server configuration and sets it up for the maximally optimized tracker performance.

# What problems does the server configuration upgrade solve?

Our dev team is constantly working to improve and optimize performance as well as to add new functions. Timely server upgrades provide access to all the latest features and resolve any conflicts from the previous versions.

# Important to know before the upgrade:

  • If you have made any manual changes to the server configuration, for example, changing the default parameters of the services, all changes will be revoked by the upgrade and set to the default settings.

  • The upgrade doesn't interact with the data in the tracker, doesn't change or delete anything. It will not make any changes to the traffic stats, campaign and stream settings, user interface, and so on.

  • The upgrade will not influence traffic and campaigns' performance. The only exception tothis is if the server malfunctions while upgrading. This can be caused by an issue with theserver itself or by user-made changes that are incompatible with the tracker.

  • Do not run any other commands on the server while the upgrade is being performed.

# How do I run the upgrade?

  1. Connect to the server via SSH protocol, using a terminal of your choice.

  2. Run the upgrade command:

curl https://keitaro.io/install.sh > run; bash run -rt upgrade

  1. When the upgrade is finished, you will see a green message Everything is OK!

If you encounter any errors while upgrading, please contact support to get help.

Last Updated: 6/22/2021, 2:00:30 PM