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# How to track email opening rate

This solution allows tracking email opening rate. This can be done by adding an image to an email, which will be downloaded when the email is opened.

  1. Upload any gif-file: a logo, product image or a pixel (1×1 size).

  2. Create a campaign. Choose CURL action type in stream's settings and put the URL of a chosen and uploaded image, e.g. http://domain.com/image.gif.

  3. Create a Source, e.g. “Email-blast”.

  4. Copy the campaign's link.

  5. Add these code to the email template (NOT to the email text itself, but to the HTML template): <img src="http://CAMPAIGN_URL" width="50" height="100" alt="Company Logo"/> Make sure you changed http://CAMPAIGN_URL to the real URL of your campaign you created before.

  6. Also you can add additional parameters to the link:

<img src="http://CAMPAIGN_URL?sub_id_1=user@gmail.com" width="50" height="100" alt="Company Logo" />

  • How to track email opening rate