# General information

# Creating a traffic source

# Template name

Choose one from the list of preset templates.

# Name

A name of a traffic source.

# S2S Postback

Enter Postback URL of your ad network if it has support feature. Always send click ID of the networks by using macro {external_id}.

# URL parameters

Enable if traffic source sends parameters.

# Parameters

These parameters will be added to campaign parameters after changing traffic source in campaign settings. If you want to replace parameters in all the campaigns which are using that traffic source, check “Update in assigned campaigns”.

Read more about parameters on page Campaign parameters.

# How to transfer parameters through Keitaro

Read full description and guide in our blog.

# How to add an advertising network as a traffic source

On the “Traffic Sources” page click “Create” button. Check if there is your advertising network in the templates. If your ad network is in the templates, all settings will be filled in automatically, you only need to connect to this traffic source in the campaign's settings.

If there is no template, find the manual or the list of available tokens (parameters) of ads which can be passed in ads. Press the “Change params” button of the traffic source. Enter your tokens in the column “Token or value”. For example, an advertising network has tokens: [BID], [UID], [SITE], [AD]. Write:

  • [BID] for “cost”;
  • [UID] for external_id (id of a click);
  • [SITE] for source (website, where the click was made);
  • [AD] for creative_id (id of the ad).

After the traffic source is connected in the campaign's settings, all the parameters will be added when generating the campaign link (“URL” button).

# How to use Keitaro for Instagram, Facebook, Adwords, Bing

You must use local landing page, KClient JS or KClient PHP.

Adwords allow using trackers with redirect, read more here Using Google Adwords tracking template.

# Keitaro + MaxBounty + Bing video

# How to use Keitaro with ExoClick?

Read the blog article ExoClick Keitaro + ExoClick.

# How to track the advertising costs?

If the ad network passes the cost of a click (bid), correct the “cost” parameter in the traffic source settings. For example, a network uses token . Then write it in the field “Token”.

Otherwise, use the function of manual updating of costs “Campaign> Update costs”.

# How to track Google Adwords costs?

Adwords doesn't send clicks bids to Keitaro directly. You must update costs manually (Campaigns > Update Costs).

# How to track Facebook costs?

Read full manual.

# What templates do exist?

7search.com, 50onred.com, actionteaser.ru, ad.cmcm.com (Cheetah ad), adamoads.com, adcash.com, adhub.com, adinch.com, adkeeper.ru, adlabs.ru, admoda.com, adprofy.com, adsmain.com, adtonic.ru, adultmoda.com, advertlink.ru, adxpansion.com, avazu.com, bannerbook.com, bidvertiser.com, Bing.com, bodyclick.ru, cashprom.ru, clickadu.com, clickscloud.net, directadvert.ru, dntx.com, ero-advertising.com, exoclick.com, facebook.com, globalteaser.ru, go2mobi.com, Google Adwords, hasoffers.com, hilltopads.com, inmobi.com, Iskander.su, jumptap.com, kadam.net, leadbolt.com, leadimpact.com, Mail.ru Target, marketgid.com, mediatarget.ru, mgid.com, mmedia.com, mobfox.com, mobiads.ru, mpay69.biz, novostimira.com, oblivki.biz, octobird.com, plugrush.com, popads.net, popcash.net, popunder.ru, popvertising.com, privatteaser.ru, propellerads.com, putin.gold, ReachEffect.com, redclick.ru, redirect.com, redtram.com, reporo.com, revcontent.com, revmobmobileadnetwork.com, sitescout.com, splicky.com, startapp.com, taboola.com, tapgage.com, tapit.com, teasermedia.net, teasernet.com, tovarro.com, trafficavenue.net, trafficfactory.biz, trafficforce.com, traffichunt.com, trafficjunky.com, trafficshop.com, trafficstars.com, trafficvance.com, visitweb.com, Vk.com, wapstart.ru, wigetmedia.com, Yandex Direct, yottos.com, zeropark.com, zoolley.com.

Please send us information about new ad. networks to feedback@keitaro.io. Don't forget to attach the list of available tokens to the message.

Last Updated: 4/11/2020, 6:11:04 AM