# Upgrading Keitaro 7 to 8

# Updating

The architecture of versions 7 and 8 differs a lot, that's why the statistics transfer is not guaranteed. You should upgrade Keitaro to the latest 7th version before you launch a script.

  1. Dowload a script upgrader8.php
  2. Upload it to a Keitaro directory.
  3. Launch the script in a browser.
  4. Delete all the files from application/redirects, application/filters and application/macros directories.

Important! Switch off the traffic while updating. Make sure the links and campaigns work and there're no errors in logs before you swith on the traffic. Check the API if you have been using it before.

# Pricing plans

Keitaro 8 has two options: Basic and Professional (Pro). The up-to-date pricing can be found on our website.

The Pro option will have the following features: adding users, Admin API, custom actions and macros.

# upgrader8 script shows a 500/504 error

Launch an update without transferring a statistics, if it's possible.

# There are errors in a log and redirects don't work after updating from v7

Delete the content of these directories, leave them empty:

  • application/redirects/
  • application/macros/
  • application/filters/

# Table 'admin_ktr.keitaro_queue' doesn't exist error fixing

Run the code via a phpMyAdmin or a MySQL console:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `keitaro_queue` (
  `data` BLOB NOT NULL,
  `datetime` datetime DEFAULT NULL,
  `status` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
  `error_message` VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
  KEY `status` (`status`)

# Errors after a back-off to v7

Delete the files:

  • application/filters/example.php
  • application/macros/example.php
  • application/redirects/example.php
Last Updated: 4/2/2020, 10:16:01 AM