# Keitaro edition plans

The license provides access to all the functions and capabilities of the Keitaro tracker, necessary for the legal, full, and effective use of the platform. Allows you to receive regular updates that may contain new features, security improvements, and bugfixes.

The license also provides access to support services that can help resolve any questions or problems that may arise.

To select an edition, we recommend focusing on the number of domains required in the work scheme, the number of users in the tracker, whether additional features are required to automate the work and manage the tracker using incoming API requests.

# Comparison of editions

Features Starter Advanced Expert Team Enterprise
Domains 1 100 500 5000 Unlimited
Users 1 1 5 50 Unlimited
Basic features
User scripts
Server protection
High—performance data reports
Keitaro Geo DB
Landing pages editor
Online support
Flow monitoring
Click API
WP Plugin
Integration with Facebook
Integration with Google Ads 5 10 20
Integration with TikTok 5 25 50
Integration with Cloudflare
Integration with Namecheap
Admin API
Audit log
Admin dashboard protection
Personal Manager

# Functions and capabilities of license editions

# Basic features

The basic features of the tracker include:

  • Collection of statistics on traffic sources and from all affiliate networks in one place.

  • The ability to analyze indicators and build reports using 30+ different metrics to determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

  • The ability to distribute traffic to different landing pages using many filters: geo—location, mobile operator, browser, device, enabling flows, and landing pages according to a specific schedule.

  • Unlimited number of campaigns, flows, filters, and clicks.

  • Split—testing and rotation of flows.

  • Compatibility with all types of traffic sources: Facebook, Google Ads, AdMob, and many other advertising networks.

  • Any types of affiliate networks: CPA offers, contact collection, app installation, and direct sales.

# User scripts

Ability to set custom redirects, actions, filters, and macros for the tracker work.

# Server protection

Pre-installed software Fail2ban is for filtering connections and blocking suspicious IP and user agent.

# High—performance data reports

ClickHouse is a column—based analytical database management system that allows you to save space by compressing the volume of data and quickly generate massive reports in the tracker.

# Keitaro Geo DB

Built—in geo-database of Keitaro Geo data allows you to analyze and segment your audience, based on geographic data without using third—party databases. This helps target and optimize your campaigns more accurately.

# Click API

Program interface for accessing the Keitaro campaign. Click API allows you to receive traffic on a remote server, track clicks and transfer data to Keitaro.

# Landing pages editor

Landing Pages Editor in Keitaro allows to edit locally loaded pages directly in the system. The feature provides convenient tools for managing and customizing pages without having to re—download files.

# Online support

Online support work from 06:00 to 16:00 GMT time zone on weekdays. If you have questions about work or settings in Keitaro, specialists are ready to help and provide advice via Live chat during business hours.

# Advanced tracking scripts

Ready—made ways to connect the tracker to the third—party sites using Keitaro and Click API internal scripts. For example, KClient PHP, KClient JS, and WordPress plugin.

Scripts transmit information to the tracker and perform Keitaro functions on third—party sites.

# Integration with Facebook

Integration allows you to collect information about advertising campaign costs from Facebook and send conversions to optimize advertising campaigns on the source side.

Integration allows you to collect information about advertising campaign costs from Google Ads and send conversions to optimize advertising campaigns on the source side.

# Integration with TikTok

Integration allows you to transfer advertising campaign costs from TikTok Ads to Keitaro and send conversions to optimize advertising campaigns on the source side.

# Cloudflare Integration

Integration allows you to store and manage tracker domains on the Cloudflare side.

# Namecheap Integration

Integration with domain seller Namecheap allows you to quickly register and buy, park and manage domains and subdomains in the tracker.

There is no need to deal with DNS settings and manually specify NS—records. Keitaro will do it automatically.

# Flow monitoring

Flow monitoring allows you to monitor the state of pages in flows for compliance with a given condition and perform actions in the flow depending on the result: turn off the flow, replace the link, or send a webhook with a given information.

# Admin API

Interface, which allows you to manage the admin panel of the Keitaro tracker using incoming requests. Without going into the tracker admin area, it is possible, for example, to create a campaign with the necessary settings, change the content of the flow or generate a conversion report. A server script or an external app like Postman is possible.

# Admin dashboard protection

Admin panel protection provides the ability to block access to the admin panel from domains parked in Keitaro.

If the feature license is available according to the edition, the access from domains to the admin panel is closed by default. To log in, you need to open access to the admin panel.

# Audit log

Audit log in Keitaro is an audit log that records all actions and changes that occur in the system. This log contains detailed information about who, when and what actions were performed in the tracker.

# Branding

Branding allows you to use the tracker under an individual logo and favicon.

  • Logo image size – 51x17px
  • Favicon size – 16x16px

Supported image formats: .ico; .png; .svg;.svgz.

# Personal manager

The manager will provide advice on technical aspects and tracker settings, will help in setting up the tracker for individual needs, share experience, valuable sources of information, and guides studies.

Onboarding 1 week: 5 calls on business days, lasting for 1 hour. During these calls, PM can conduct demos, seminars, training for the client team with answers to questions.

To start working with the PM, you need to pay an Enterprise license invoice.