# Postback Troubleshooting

# If the campaign uses an offer with a redirect

First, you must check the postback logs in Maintenance → Logs → Received postbacks.

The most common error is Incorrect subid, when the tracker receives an empty subid value, or an incorrect subid value.

If you see "Incorrect SubID", then:

  1. Make sure that you have selected an affiliate network in the settings of the offer. To do this, open the offer and check the Affiliate Network field

  • If an affiliate network is selected, check that the values in the template settings of this affiliate network are fullfilled, and that you have not deleted anything when creating it.
  • If an affiliate network is not created or selected, go to the Affiliate Networks page and choose the necessary affiliate network in the Template field.

Save your changes and add this affiliate network in your offers settings.

2.Check if the Postback URL link from Keitaro is pasted in the affiliate network's privat cabinet in the gloabal postback field. Each affiliate network interface is different, but the essence is the same, you need a global postback field.

3.If you use an affiliate network not from the templates, check whether the correct placeholder (token, macro) is written in the field Offer Parameters. To do this, you need to clarify in the affiliate network, in which placeholder passes the Click ID (subid) and check that with what is prescribed in the tracker.

If the Keitaro postback log is empty, you need to make sure that the postback URL link from Keitaro is correct in the postback settings on the affiliate network site.

If some other value comes to the tracker instead of the subid, for example, the order number, or tid, or something else, then make sure that the subid is taken to the tracker in the correct placeholder. Check with your manager to find out the information about the placeholder, in which affiliate takes the Click ID and sends it back to the tracker.

  • In the parameters of the affiliate network offers the following was prescribed: sub1={subid}, that is we transfer our subid to the placeholder sub1 in the link Postback URL from the affiliate network
  • The subid value must come to the tracker from sub1: subid={sub1}, that is the subid value will come to the tracker from the sub1 placeholder, to which we passed our subid earlier.

# The campaign uses a local landing page or offer, conversions are transferred via API

Start by checking the postback log in the tracker Maintenance → Logs → Received postbacks.

If the log of the received postbacks is empty, you need to make sure the correct Postback URL link from Keitaro is inserted in the postback settings on the affiliate network site.

If you get the error Incorrect subid, make sure JS Adapter is installed in each page.

Our tracker also has a list of affiliate networks whose postback templates are already made. At the beginning of postback setup, you can check this list in the Affiliate Networks-Create section and save time on postback URL creation. Here is a video tutorial on how to do it: