# Postback troubleshooting

  1. Identify who sends the Postback to your Keitaro.

  2. Go to the appropriate section below

# Postback from affiliate network

# Type Redirect offer

  1. Go to Maintenance → Logs → Received Postbacks

Incorrect subid "". Postback ignored. or SubID not found says that Affiliate network don't transmit the real correct Keitaro Click ID subid value in Postback. That's why the tracker can't record the conversion.


Go to Offers → Choose needed → Main and check that an Affiliate network has been chosen for offer.

  • If Affiliate network has been chosen: go to Affiliate Networks -> Select needed and check that the Offer parameters field in the template settings is filled in.

  • If an Affiliate Network is not created and selected, go to Affiliate Networks → Create → Template and save it. Go to Offers → Choose needed → Main* and connect the Affiliate Network to the offer.

  1. Maintenance → Logs → Received Postbacks is empty. Put the Postback URL to the Global Postback field in affiliate network private cabinet.

  2. Affiliate network is not on the tracker templates..

# Type Local offer, conversions via API

Start by checking the postback log in the tracker Maintenance → Logs → Received postbacks.

If the log of the received postbacks is empty, you need to make sure the correct Postback URL link from Keitaro is inserted in the postback settings on the affiliate network site.

If you get the error Incorrect subid, make sure JS Adapter is installed in each page.

Our tracker also has a list of affiliate networks whose postback templates are already made. At the beginning of postback setup, you can check this list in the Affiliate Networks-Create section and save time on postback URL creation. Here is a video tutorial on how to do it: