# Facebook

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# Setting up

To add a new integration go to Maintenance → Integrations and click Connect near Facebook integration:

Click "Add new":


  • Integration name. A name of the integration, can be any, you can use it for your convenience.

  • Cabinet ID. ID of the advertising account on Facebook (see below how to find it).

  • Token. Facebook API token (see below how to find it).

  • Use proxy. Use a proxy to request Facebook API.

# Assigning to campaigns

Each integration can be assigned to multiple campaigns.

Press Link to campaign and choose the campaigns:

# Getting cabinet ID

Open to Facebook Ads Manager and copy your account ID:

# Getting API token

Open in browser view-source:https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/account_settings/account_billing/

Search for "access_token": and copy the token:

Alternative solution for getting token

Open Apps page and press Create App:

Choose Other and create an App:

Open app settings. Then choose Marketing API:

Press Tools, then select all the checkboxes and press Get Token:

Copy the token.

# Integration FAQ

Error "Not tied to the company"

The integration isn't selected in the campaign's settings in Keitaro.

Error "Success status but costs are not updating"

Make sure there is adset.id parameter both in campaign's parameters in Keitaro and in a Facebook link.

Error "Integration show an error"

Check the Facebook token, make sure it's not expired and valid for the account.