# Step 4: Creating your first campaign

The steps below will help you to create your first campaign.

# Configuring domain

I don't have a domain.

Keitaro requires at least one domain to work. We recommend Namecheap.com:

In the left panel, click Dashboard to open the Dashboard, then click Manage for your domain:

Select the Advanced DNS tab:

Add an A-record:

  • Choose "A-Record" in the first column.
  • @ for Host.
  • The server IP as Value.
  • Select the lowest value for TTL.

Open the Domains tab, and click Add.

Enter your desired domain name.

Click Create.

# Adding traffic source

Open Sources, then press Create.

Choose the desired traffic source from the templates in the Template Name dropdown:

Click Create.

There's no template for the traffic source.

See Adding traffic source without template.

# Adding affiliate network

Open Affiliate networks, press Create.

Choose the desired Affiliate network in the Template Name dropdown, then click Create:

There's no template for the affiliate network.

See Adding affiliate network without template.

# Adding offer

Open Offers, then click Create.

Enter the Offer name, choose the affiliate network, and enter the offer URL.

Click Create.

# Creating landing page

If you have a landing page for the Offer, you can upload it to the tracker.

Open Landing pages, then click Create.

Choose Local and a file to upload:

Click Upload, then Save.

Press on the paperclip icon, shown below to open the editor:

Find the Action button in the code. In our case, it has click_6688.html as href:

You must set it to {offer}.

To find it easier, click + OPTION + F (or WIN + ALT + F). This will open the Find&Replace window.

Fill in the Find&Replace form:

Select All, then click Save.

# Creating campaign

Open Campaigns, then click Create.

Choose the domain and the traffic source:

Click Create flow.

Switch to Schema, then add the landing page and the offer:

Click Apply and save the campaign.

Copy the Campaign URL:

Open the URL in the browser and verify that everything is working fine.