# FAQ Keitaro 10

# What's new in Keitaro 10 for your workflow?

New features:

  • Full Clickhouse support (migration is needed)
  • Support for Keitaro Geo DB (Starter+)
  • Dashboard protection (Expert+)
  • Namecheap integration (Expert+)
  • Cloudflare integration (Expert+)
  • Enhanced IPv6 support
  • Audit Log (Team+)
  • Added 120+ currencies
  • Added Spanish, Ukrainian, and Chinese languages
  • Dark theme (Starter+)

And new plans, available here

# Are new features available on previous plans?

On previous plans (Basic, Pro, Business) New features are not available. You can only switch to Clickhouse db, to speed up the report generation.

# Is it possible to upgrade to Keitaro 10 from the previous plans?

The update to Keitaro 10 is supported for all plans. You do not need to buy a new plan for updating.

# Can I continue using version 9 with the old licenses and prices?

Yes, you can. But there is no point. Better to upgrade to Keitaro 10 with faster reports for free and continue using the old prices. Pay the same price to buy a license as before. This approach is valid until 2026.

# How to upgrade?

For customers already using Keitaro at the old plans, you need to:

  1. Upgrade tracker and server configuration for upgrading to Keitaro 10.
  2. Enable the beta channel to receive updates in Admin Dashboard Maintenance-Update Keitaro-Check for beta releases.
  3. Update to Keitaro 10.

To update right now, contact our support team.

# How to change to a new plan from old plans (Basic/Pro/Business)

For switching to a new plan from the old Basic, Pro, Business plans, go to your personal cabinet at keitaro.io, click Change edition. Select the desired type of license.

# What will happen with my license after I change the tariff?

After you change the license type, the validity period of the license will be reduced. This is an automatic recalculation of the validity period, instead of extra paying. Then, you pay the amount, that the selected license type costs, in your personal cabinet.

# Are all my features on my current license no longer available after the upgrade?

Your current license will work until 2026 with the same set of features, the same key, tracker and the price for renewal. You can buy new rates and features at your will.

# How to test Keitaro 10 if I never used your tracker before?

If you have never used Keitaro tracker before, you can register at keitaro.io and get a free Keitaro 10 license key for 2 weeks.

# What does enhanced IPv6 feature mean?

The tracker completely accepts and filters traffic on requests with IPv6. Records and displays in reports real addresses and data by clicks with IPv6. Feature helps reduce traffic loss with geo where distributed IPv6 (India, Vietnam, Taiwan, and others)