# Campaign Parameters

Campaign parameters are used for creating Campaign URL and Reports.

  • Name. You can use default names like, "Sub ID 1", "Sub ID 2", or use your own names.
  • Parameters. What the param must be added to Campaign URL.
  • Token or value. You can type static value, like EUR, or use a placeholders that the traffic source supports.

# List of parameters

The following parameters can be renamed:

  • keyword - keyword or search phrase.
  • ad_campaign_id — ID of the advertising campaign.
  • creative_id — That might be Banner ID or AdSet ID.
  • external_id — Some unique click ID from traffic source.
  • source - site or publisher ID from traffic source.
  • cost - cost of a click (Option "Cost AUTO" must be checked in campaign settings).
  • currency - currency of the cost.
  • sub_id_1..15 — additional parameters for generating reports


Changing traffic source in campaign settings will replace the all campaign parameters.

These parameters cannot be renamed

  • currency - currency of the cost.
  • charset - charset for value in parameter keyword.
  • se_referrer - referrer of a search engine. Pass this parameter to pull out the keyword from it.
  • se - search engine name. If se_referrer is passed, then it is not necessary to pass se.

# List of global aliases

Please read Settings Page you can set global aliases.

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