# Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

# General Questions

# How to install Keitaro

Read our knowledge base page.

# Trial license limitations

The trial license has all the features of a Professional license but limited by:

  • two campaigns;
  • two streams in each campaign;
  • only one filter can be used in a single stream.

# I did the upgrade but Pro features are unavailable

Click on admin > Update the license in the upper right corner of the tracker.

# What are server requirements?

Read our requirements page.

# What do the errors in a log mean?

Read Troubleshooting.

# What will happen after the license expire?

The tracker will stop all the redirects and its work.

# Can I install several Keitaros with one license?

Only in case all the licenses will be used on a server with the same ip.

# How to change the license IP

You can change the license IP in your account on https://keitaro.io.

# Payment Methods

  • Bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

We accept all international payment systems bank cards - Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress. Use Safari browser to pay with Apple Pay, or Chrome browser for Google Pay. VAT will be added to a final amount for EU users.

  • Pay from the balance

Pay from the balance button is available when you have an amount which is enough to pay for the license you ordered.

# Using Keitaro

# How to add domains

  1. Buy Pro license

  2. Add an A-record to your domain’s DNS:

@ A x.x.x.x where x.x.x.x is your server’s IP.

Read more at Domains page.

# Why doesn't the stream work, or why does the click go to a wrong stream?

  1. Go to the “Maintenance > Logs > Traffic” page.
  2. Enable traffic log.
  3. Make a click, or wait until a click gets into a wrong stream.
  4. Look at a traffic log. There you'll be able see how the sream filters have just functioned.

Also, have a look at the “Additional > Traffic Simulation” menu. You can emulate getting any user to a campaign there.

# How to find out the reasons for traffic loss

  • Compare the number of “raw” clicks (heats), not the unique ones. Keitaro uses its own algorithms for uniqueness.
  • Compare the stats in the same time zone with the affiliate network.
  • Check your domain’s SSL-certificate.
  • (ONLY for the trackers installed via the terminal). Go to Maintenance > Status and check the max children reached. If the value is more than 10, write to our support team, we will help you to set up PHP-FPM.
  • In case you use shared hosting or a server with ISPmanager – reinstall the tracker using our current solution for servers How to Install Keitaro.
  • Check your scripts work in AdBlock.
  • A lot of bot can stuck in the redirects such as meta-redirect or double meta-redirect. Keitaro could not mark them as bots, but some bots can’t go through these types of redirects. To check this, make a redirect to another campaign and see the difference.
  • Check all the streams, make sure all destinations work.
  • Check Maintenance > Logs > System Log for errors.
  • If you use CloudFlare, switch Firewall to “essentially off”. Disable the compression.
  • Validate your domains with host-tracker.com, http://urlvoid.com and http://virustotal.com.
  • In case Keitaro is integrated with Script or Iframe, the traffic loss could happen because bots or browsers with high level security settings are visiting the page.
  • Check your log-file access.log from nginx with server requests. Check if there are 500 or 502 errors, e.g.: - - [16/Nov/2017:03:36:01 +0200] "GET /cmp HTTP/1.1" 502 1243 "http://test.com. 502 means your server doesn’t cope with the traffic, 500 means the errors in tracker’s work (see Maintenance > Logs).

# Why there’s no conversions or a postback doesn’t work?

Read Postbacks page.

# What is an admin panel address?


# How to reset Keitaro password

Read How to Reset a Password for Keitaro.

# The license period haven’t extended after I bought the license

  • Check your license key and the one saved in /var/license/key.lic file;
  • Delete /var/license/hash.lic file.

# How can a license key be changed?

Write a new key in /var/license/key.lic and delete the /var/license/hash.lic file.

# Why counter numbers at LiveInternet (Metrics) website and Keitaro are different?

If the website is the source of traffic:

  • Check if the domain is present in antivirus databases through virustotal.com;
  • Check if there are problems in Keitaro functionality, check the logs /var/log/errors.log и keitaro_errors.log;

If the website is the traffic receiver:

  • Compare hits, uniques are counted differently in different systems. If the server statistics, for example, WebStat is installed, check their indices.
  • Keitaro can skip the bots if those do not load the counters;
  • Counters may be blocked by browser plugins.

# Why does FB and Keitaro stats differ?

Possible reasons:

  • Your ads are visited by spy services like AdMobiSpy;
  • You compare the stats in different time zones or for different periods.
  • Facebook doesn’t calculate repeated clicks, check unique clicks.
  • Disable Prefetch settings (Maintenance > Settings).
  • You are using an old klick_client.php library or WP plugin.

# Why is the domain with Keitaro marked as "Malicious site"?

Some services give the website “Malicious site” status for redirection to another domain.

To avoid it:

  • Create a file main.html with any content in the domain directory;
  • Open the page “Maintenance > Settings > Misc > Domain Action”;
  • Choose action “Redirect to URL” and write URL of the created file.

# How can I replace or hide a referrer?

Read How to Hide Referrer page.

# How can I correct keywords encoding?

Add the parameter charset=utf-8 to the links to your campaigns.

# How to restrict access to the admin panel?


Create an /admin/.htaccess file with the following contents:

<Files index.php>
order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from


Add this to host section /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:

location /admin/index.php {
    deny all;
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