# Getting costs from Facebook pro business

# How to enable the integration

  1. Go to Maintenance > Integrations, select Facebook.
  2. Fill in the necessary data and save the integration.
  3. Go to Campaign in Keitaro and in Synchronizing cost select the created integration from step #2.
  4. Make sure you use up-to-date Facebook source template in Keitaro campaign, there should be adset.id parameter. If there's no such a parameter - add it manually.
  5. Update the campaign link you send traffic to on a Facebook, there should be adset.id parameter as well.

Read full step-by-step guide (opens new window).

# Integration errors

  • Error: Not tied to the company - the integration isn't selected in the campaign's settings in Keitaro.
  • Success status but costs are not updating - make sure there is adset.id parameter both in campaign's parameters in Keitaro and in a Facebook link.
  • Integration show an error - check the Facebook token, make sure it's not expired and valid for the account.Use FBTOOL plugin (opens new window) to get the token.
  • How to enable the integration
  • Integration errors