# WordPress Plugin pro business

# About Plugin

Using WordPress plugin you can:

  • call a campaign from Keitaro to WP;
  • use website's pages as landing pages;
  • show offer's buttons on WP pages;
  • track website organic traffic;
  • send conversions (send postbacks);
  • cloak.

Read an article on our blog (opens new window).

# How to Install

Open a campaign, choose “Integration” tab and find WordPress. Follow the steps on this page or read an article on our blog (opens new window).

# Description of the settings

# Enabled

The plugin is disabled when 'no' is selected.

# Tracker's URL

The address of an installed tracker.

# Postback URL

Your tracker's postback address.

# Campaign's Token

Token can be taken from campaign’s settings. One WP website can work only with a single campaign.

# Use Title as a Keyword

When it’s impossible to define a keyword form a referrer, the post or an article title is considered as a keyword.

# Track non-unique visits

If 'yes' is chosen, every page visit will be sent to Keitaro. Enable this feature in case you either use “Uniqueness” filter in streams or you want to track all user visits. The uniqueness in WP is distinguished from the presets of Uniqueness TTL set in a campaign.

# Redirect to Offers

Select 'yes' in case there's a redirect when an offer is chosen. Select ‘no’ if you need to create links to offers.

# Debug Mode

If you check 'yes' debug log of plugin’s work will be shown on all pages. Enable this feature only if you need to check how thw plugin performs.

# Send se_referrer

This allows you to build reports on websites from which the visitors went to your site.

# Send all parameters

All parameters including utm-parameters are sent to the tracker.

# Import Settings

You can easily import settings by opening an Integration tab in a necessary campaign and choosing WordPress.

# WordPress plugin FAQ

# Setting up Landing Pages Split

Landing Pages Split can be set up in Keitaro. WordPress pages will perform as Landing Pages:

  1. create pages in WordPress for every landing page (Pages > Add Page);
  2. create landing pages in Keitaro. Choose a Redirect and enter pages’ URL;
  3. create a stream in a campaign and choose created landing pages;
  4. save the campaign.

Now check there's a redirect to a landing page if a user visits any WordPress page. Next follow the manual on how to add offers to a landing page. To reset a saved session add &_reset=1 to any page's URL.

# Adding Offers to Pages

Above we are telling about [#Setting up Landing Pages Split |[creating landing pages on WordPress]]. Now we will tell how to set up the split of the offers:

  1. create offers in Keitaro;
  2. add created offers to a campaign's stream;
  3. save the campaign;
  4. add buttons and links to offers on these pages. You can add a link in an editor and put the {offer} as an URL.

Example with HTML:

<a target="_blank" href="{offer}">CLICK IT</a>

Open a website page and check if the link works.

# How to Set up Some Offers on a Single Landing Page

Above we are telling about setting up offers in WordPress. Now we will set up more than one button each targeting a different offer:

  1. add offers to a campaign's stream;
  2. add links for every offer.
  3. Put a macros {offer:ID} to an URL where the ID is the offer’s ID in Keitaro.


<a target="_blank" href="{offer:1}">Offer 1</a>
<a target="_blank" href="{offer:2}">Offer 2</a>
<a target="_blank" href="{offer:3}">Offer 3</a>

# How to Send a Lead to Keitaro (How to Send a Postback)

We suppose, you already have a contact form and we just need to add these leads to Keitaro. To do so, add a piece of code inside the submit button or on the page where a visitor gets after filling in the form:


If there's a need to transfer a sum:

[send_postback revenue="100"]

If there are some parameters from a contact form on a page you can send them in a postback as well:

[send_postback first_name="$first_name" second_name="$second_name" phone="$phone"]

Parameters can be sent only one by one. This solution won’t work: name="$first_name $second_name". Parameters can be taken from $_GET, $_POST or $_SESSION.

You can check all parameters on a page Postback Parameters.

# Why the only one action is executed

To reset a session only once, open any website page with an added parameter _reset=1. E.g., http://site.com/?_reset. This will reset a session and send a new request to Keitaro campaign. If you don’t want to save sessions especially when you use page title filter, disable an option “Track non unique visits”.

# Error: Infinite (Endless) Redirect


  • add offers to a stream;
  • add r parameter to a landing page's URL, e.g. http://example.com/lp1?r or http://example.com/?post=12&r.

# How to run campaign on selected pages

  1. Update the plugin to the latest version.
  2. Go to plugin's settings, to “Page settings” tab.
  3. Select manual choice of the pages.
  4. Select which campaigns to run on which pages.

# How to run campaign only on necessary pages (with Keitaro filters)?

The plugin automatically sends page parameter from a current page URL. It can be attached to a campaign and used as a filter in a stream:

  1. open “Parameters” tab in a campaign;
  2. add for one of the Sub id 1..15 page parameter, with a Page title and empty value.

If you want a stream to work with a definite page add a Sub id filter + 'yes' + /page-name or *page-name*. Select 'No' if you want to exclude this page.

# Is it necessary to install WordPress on the same server Keitaro is installed on?

It is not necessary. You can deploy one more VPS with Wordpress being installed on Vultr or buy a hosting within the same Geo where you server with Keitaro is located.

# Integration with Contact Form 7 plugin

Read more in our Blog (opens new window).

# How to enable LiveInternet statistic service

Put a LiveInternet code on a page without any redirects or delete a landing page from streams and send traffic to a necessary WordPress page.

# [send_postback ...] sends wrong parameters

Sometimes an editor can break a code. Open “Text” editing mode and check the code, there shouldn’t be any other symbols.

# Why doesn't tracker track visits? Why are visits not being tracked in the traffic log?

You should disable all the caching plugins in WP. For example, we detected several issues with 'W3 Total Cache'.

  • About Plugin
  • How to Install
  • Description of the settings
  • Import Settings
  • WordPress plugin FAQ