# Redirects and Actions

# List of actions

  • Send to Campaign — sends a visitor to another campaign.
  • 404 Not Found — shows a blank page with HTTP status “404 Not Found”.
  • Show text — shows text on a page.
  • Show as HTML-page — shows HTML page or a banner code.
  • Do Nothing - this action leaves the visitor on a page where he is at the moment of click.

# List of redirects

  • HTTP redirect — redirect with an HTTP-header «302 Found».
  • Meta redirect — redirects by using “meta” HTML tag.
  • JS redirect - uses JS to perform a redirect.
  • Redirect with blank referrer — executes JS code that clears referrer.
  • CURL - loads an external page without a redirect.
  • Double meta redirect — two-steps redirect which helps to hide a source from a destination website.
  • FormSubmit — shows HTML form with POST method and automatically submit it.
  • Open in iframe - shows the page in an iframe.
  • REMOTE - two-step action: loads the page content and then uses it as the next URL for redirecting.
  • Open in frameset (outdated) - shows page in a frameset.
  • Redirect for Script (Deprecated) - use JS redirect instead.
  • Redirect for iframe (Deprecated) - use JS redirect instead.

# Redirects and actions compatibility

Action Link Script iframe/Frameset
HTTP redirect Redirect Executes JS code Redirect in frame
JS redirect Redirect Doesn't work Redirect in frame
Meta redirect Redirect Redirect Redirect in frame
Double meta redirect Redirect Redirect Redirect in frame
Redirect with blank referrer Redirect Doesn't work Redirect in frame
Open in frame Shows frame Doesn't work Frame in frame
CURL Shows page Executes JS code Page in frame
404 NotFound Page 404 Nothing Empty frame
Show text Shows text Executes JS code Text in frame
Show HTML Shows page Doesn't work Page in frame
REMOTE Redirect Executes JS code Redirect in frame
FormSubmit Redirect Doesn't work Redirect in frame
Redirect for iframe Doesn't work Doesn't work Redirect
Redirect for script Doesn't work Redirect Doesn't work
SubId Shows subid Doesn't work SubId in frame

# How to create a custom action or redirect?

Read page Custom Action/redirect Script.

# How a REMOTE redirect works

This action works in several steps:

  1. It downloads a page, which you pointed to in URL field.
  2. It takes the content, which is used as an URL for further redirect.
  3. It makes an HHTP-redirect to a new URL.

An example of a page content for REMOTE:


if (!file_exists('./links.txt')) {
    die('No file links.txt');
$content = file_get_contents('./links.txt');
$lines = explode("\n", $content);
$links = array_map(function($line){
  $line = trim($line);
  return empty($line) ? null : $line;
}, $lines);
$links = array_filter($links);
echo $links[rand(0, count($links) - 1)];

At the script directory create a file links.txt with a list of links one per line.