# Reports FAQ

You can receive the report in the following ways:

  • In the top menu “Reports”.
  • At the “Campaigns” page, by the campaign menu or by selecting several campaigns with checkboxes.
  • At the “Streams” page, by the “Additional” menu.

# How to export a report

In the reports where export is available, press the “Export” button. You will be offered a choice of CSV or HTML format. The encoding of files is UTF-8.

# How to update revenue

You can import new conversions with updating the payouts. Go to Maintenance > Import Conversions.

# How can I change the currency?

Change it at the “Maintenance > Settings”.

# How to provide access to reports to your client or to a third party?

Create a new user and limit for him the access to campaigns and report metrics.

# Can't upload a large report (csv/html), the error Timeout

It takes some time to create a report on the server. See the list of uploaded reports at the page “Reports > Exported Reports”.

# How to change the order of columns in reports

Press the “Columns” button. Here you can arrange columns in desired order by dragging the names.

# CSV exports with wrong formatting

The solution:

  1. Create a new empty table in Excel.
  2. File → Import.
  3. Select «CSV file», click «Import» and choose your file.
  4. Select «Original data type: Delimited», «File origin: Cyrillic (Windows)», click «Next».
  5. Leave only «Delimeters: Semicolon», click Finish.
  6. Confirm and click «OK».

# Why is the value of "Time spent on a Landing" empty?

The time is calculated in two cases:

  1. The visit to the offer is performed through the stream scheme “Landings > Offers”.
  2. Keitaro received the first postback on the click.

If you see an empty value, that means none of the conditions is fulfilled.

# Why Up-sells are not Included in Conversion Count?

It was made to prevent calculating incorrect CR (Conversion Rate). You can add column/metric “Up-sells” to your reports.

# How to filter clicks with an empte referer

  1. Go to Clicks Log > Filters.
  2. Select “Referer” filter.
  3. Choose Regexp as a condition.
  4. Put ^$ as a value.

# Why the cost differs in Offers/Affiliate Networks and in campaigns

Offers/Affiliate Networks pages don't calculate costs when there weren't any offer visits. Check the campaign's reports: Campaign > Reports > Offers and Campaign > Reports > Affiliate Networks.

Last Updated: 4/1/2020, 12:01:20 PM