# Installing on Hetzner

  1. Go to Hetzner. Register or Log in if you already registered.

  2. Go to Cloud section

  1. Choose "See all plans" from Shared vCPU. X86 is required:

  1. Choose Get started

  1. Create New project

  1. Click Create server

  1. Choose the server location: the closer it is to the target geo of traffic, the faster will be the ping for those who click on the ads.

  1. Choose Server image. Centos 9 Stream is required!

  1. Choose CPU Type. Shared if you will have up to 1 million clicks daily. Choose Dedicated if you will have more then 1 million clicks daily.

  1. CX11 is the minimum applicable server to run Keitaro. Choose the exact server characteristics according to this table

  1. Choose IPv4 and IPv6 network types, to your tracker will be able to receive traffic from both IP types. Disable IPv6 if you don't want to receive IPv6 traffic.

  1. SSH key is not required to Keitaro work propperly. If you will not order SSH key you may receive acces to server via SFTP and SSH without problems. So you may skip this section

  1. All further sections, such as Volumes, Firewalls, Backups, Placement groups, Labels are not required to Keitaro works correctly. You may skip all these sections. Tips:
  • Backups may be useful in case if some issues will occur with your server.
  • Enabling Firewall function may block some of your target traffic
  1. In the field named Cloud configs enter the command below, to server will be installed with Keitaro on board

- curl keitaro.io/kctl.sh | bash -s -- install

  1. Enter random name for your VPS and press Create & Buy now.

  2. Wait for 10 minutes and open in any browser http://your_server_ip/admin/.