# Installation on HostZealot

Open the HostZealot website and complete the registration following the instructions.

# Installation on HostZealot — Keitaro VPS Pricing Plans

  1. Open the HostZealot website. Or click on the link and move directly to step 4 of the instructions.

  2. Choose VPS.

    Select VPS

  3. Then select Keitaro.

    Select Keitaro for VPS

  4. On the next page, select the plan:

    VPS Pricing Plans

  5. Complete the settings and continue to checkout.

    Shopping Cart

  6. Fill in your registration details (including your address) and click Complete Order.

    Complete Order

  7. The server comes with Keitaro pre-installed. After installing the tracker, open the following link in your web browser: http://your_server_ip/admin/

Then, enter the license key (stored on keitaro.io in the Licenses section).

The server credentials will be sent to you via email.

# Auto-installation

  1. After opening the website, navigate to the registration page as shown in the screenshot:

    Begin Registration

  2. Click on Not registered?

    Login to HostZealot

  3. Choose Keitaro.

    Select Keitaro

  4. Click on Linux FreeBSD and select your server's specifications. Choose a server based on the anticipated traffic volume.

    Select KVM VDS

  5. Choose the required configurations and the operating system (CentOS 9 Stream).


  6. Steps 6 and 7 correspond to the steps described above.