# Installing on Vultr

  1. Open vultr.com

  2. Enter login and password to register the account.

  1. Choose a convenient payment method and link it to the account.

If the card you want to link does not get accepted with the message The credit card as you have entered was declined. If available, please use another method of payment or PayPal., contacting support will not solve the problem — Vultr internal mechanisms are blocking the card on suspicion of fraud (tested with several cards and got the same response from support). Choose another method of payment.

  1. Go to the Products tab, Cloud Compute

Button Deploy now.

  1. Choose Server — Cloud Compute.

CPU & Storage Technology — Any you want.

Choose the server location: the closer it is to the target geo of traffic, the faster will be the ping for those who click on the ads.

Go to Server Image — Marketplace Apps and find Keitaro. The right OS will be automatically installed with the minimum required server characteristics for the tracker to work.

Enable additional features (Auto-backup and IPv6, for example) if you want.

Click Deploy now.

Server and tracker installation begins.

When the process is complete and Installing changes to Running, click on that server. Its details will open, and you will see a link to the tracker in the server information section.