# Installing on DigitalOcean

Open digitalocean.com and register an account, or log in if it was registered earlier.

# Fast Marketplace installation

  1. Go to Marketplace from your private cabinet. Choose Keitaro in search field.

  1. Press Create Keitaro droplet.

  1. Choose your server geo and create ssh password for server.

  1. Choose additional options if you need.

  1. Press Create Droplet.

  1. Press Get started.

  1. Wait for the process of installing the tracker on your server for 30-50 minutes.

  1. In case the window for creating a login and password will not open, press F5.

# Manual installation

  1. Press CreateDroplet.

  2. Choose "CentOS 9 Stream":

  1. Choose a server size:

  1. Create root password or add a SSH public key.

  1. Enable User data.

  1. Copy and paste installation command:
curl keitaro.io/kctl.sh | bash -s -- install
  1. Press Create Droplet.

  2. Wait for 10 minutes and open in any browser http://your_server_ip/admin/.